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I made a small amount of art that I never took very seriously while I was finishing my degree. As an Art History and Criticism major, I was required to take several units of art and design courses. I also worked as an art model for a short period. It was fulfilling and exciting work, especially since I have always seen myself as having a supporting role to the creation of art.

Sketching a "5 Minute Self Portrait." I like to do these without looking at myself.
Sketching a “5 Minute Self Portrait.” I like to do these without looking at myself.

Looking back on those courses, it’s likely more than one of my professors found my attitude frustrating. I remember one nearly yelling at me in a private meeting after I explained I was searching for ways to get other classmates to talk about their art during critiques. I loved critiques, and was often an active participant when it was the turn of other students. I asked them questions, and commented on their techniques more than anyone in the class, but I had little to say when it was my turn to be critiqued.

In fact, I took very little about the classes seriously, except where it directly related to my studies as an art historian. For one full body portrait, I turned in a detailed drawing of my head superimposed on a poorly shaded Michelangelo’s David body. Still, I found myself in the studios late into the night experimenting with mediums and compositions. Somehow, I never made the connection.

This particular professor finally told me I should be thinking about how to elevate my own art, and not the art of peers. They were right, of course, but I had never viewed myself as an artist. Getting an award at a gallery show changes that.

I was invited to enter the show by a friend of mine, and used the deadline as an excuse to put to rest a ‘piece’ I’d been working on as a hobby for the last six years. It was not until it was finished that I finally realized what it meant to me, and the important place working metal and creating something new from recycled materials had taken in the my life the last few years.

Therefore, I have created an Art Works page for this, blog and decided to put myself forward as an artist. Other ideas have been trickling out of me, and I have been able to return to something that I love with some measure of confidence: working metal with my hands.

There are not very many works on the page, yet. I have saved very few of my works from over the years. I am looking forward to growing it.


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