New Projects

I am pleased to announce that this month I have launched two new projects! The most relevant one is Architectonic Sketchbook, a blog featuring flash fiction inspired by architecture. Fiction will post every Wednesday (with a little luck), followed by an explanation of where the architectural featured in the post are from a day later. The first post is called ‘Evidence of Fire.’ I will post the fiction below, just to give you a taste of the writing exercises I am doing weekly:

In the morning, there are tracks and evidence of fire, though I slept the whole night through. The cold of the evening before has dissipated with the dark, yet the pump will not bring up water. I repeat the motion again and again. None comes.
I wander back to my blanket, but feel no warmth in its embrace. There are no ashes left sleeping in the fire. I swirl the dead things awhile, uncovering something below. It is charred and decorated with crude tool marks. I lift it slowly, uncovering more in the action: bones picked clean.
The second project features very little writing by me. Instead, I am webmastering Beer’n with Bjorn, which features beer reviews mailed to me by my partner. He literally types each review up on a typewriter then mails them to me to transcribe. I also designed and run every other aspect of the blog.
I hope that all survived the winter!

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