Discussing Race through Music Videos

A critique I wrote of the Rihanna video for BBHMM was published on Bitch Flicks called “Horror, White Bodies, and Feminism in ‘Bitch Better have My Money’.” That’s what it’s about: the use of white bodies and thematic elements of horror in the video. When it comes to film critique, there is a lot to talk about. I had to pare down the elements I wanted to focus on, and avoided discussing other films, directors, and art pieces the video references.

Instead I tried to focus on the parts people found the most offensive. I have my own thoughts about what I did well, and what I can work on as a white commentator. In the end, I hope the critique makes some of the white women so fearful and upset over the video reevaluate why the video scares them. After all, how many films and television shows torture female bodies in similar, and more blatant ways? Is it really more offensive when a black woman is leading the fictional operation and not a white serial killer?



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