Opening Up Such Spooky Vistas of Reality

I’ve been working for a while on writing what I classify as an Anti-Lovecraftian novel. I am almost done with the final rewrite before I send it to be torn to shreds by my beta readers, and totally rewritten by my pre submission editor. Then I start contacting agents.

However, a recent rewrite of The Call of Cthulhu has stopped my progress in its track. Indeed, it is so perfectly handled that I cannot imagine another Cthulhu mythos piece being written ever again to surpass it. (Not even the excellent sounding She Walks in Shadows which gives long overdue voice to the rarely seen female side of the Lovecraftverse. No, Cthulhu does not count.)

I have given up writing entirely after reading the masterpiece that is Lyndon Hood’The Spooky Call of Cthulhu. (I have to admit that I made up that title.)

Please enjoy this excerpt from the first chapter The Horror in Clay posted on Twitter:

Milwaukee at Night
The city of Milwaukee at night, viewed from the Milwaukee Art Museum’s bridge (designed by Santiago Calatrava). August 2015



  1. Lyndon says:

    Wow. High praise. Thanks. Though it seems beyond the effort and/or methodical thought I put in. What you see’s all there is, and people keep pointing out I missed adjectives.

    Pretty sure there’s plenty of angles left on HPL though (some maybe involving more than one idea). Hate to think of anyone missing out on my account.


    1. Yeah.. it had me howling with laughter and I thought others should read it. I am not worried about running out of content for my book. It was all lies, I wrote two chapters today. Mostly, it was a slow news day and I wanted to work in that anthology somehow, so thanks for being the medium!


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