Masques, and also Murder (and a little costuming)

I reviewed the indie game Masques and Murder! for the excellent website Femhype. Check it out, and if you think you might like the game, go throw your money at it! (Okay, don’t throw your money at your computer. Put numbers into the “pay what you will” box. It’s sort of like a calculator.) I truly enjoyed the game, and can recommend it wholeheartedly.

I have decided this is also an excellent chance to show off the Renaissance costume I designed and sewed in 12 hours. Long story short: I found out at the last minute I was going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, I lost a bunch of weight so my old costume does not fit me, and I do not own a sewing machine.

Bonus: This year’s costume involved an antique bed sheet AND a clothesline from our yard that had snapped.

RenFaire Hair
This is the hat I made, and also my hair with pearls sewn in the morning-of.
My brother and I with our cups of mead.
Standing around laughing.
I can still pull back the bow with the highest draw weight! No, I did not dry fire, I just spent my quiver before they could take a photo.


PS All photos except the first one by Tim Yanasak.

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