Exciting New Literature!

I have gotten bad at updating my blog again, but I promise it’s for a good reason! I am honestly really, really close to finished my book, and also I have been editing and sending out more stories than ever. In fact, last week I received three rejections in a five day period! That’s productivity!

Also, I got a new job, and it is in a museum, which is extra exciting, since that is what all of my experience and education is in. Okay, most of my experience and education.

I don't read books and drink Death in the Afternoon as much anymore, now that I'm gainfully employed.
I don’t read books and drink Death in the Afternoon as much anymore, now that I’m gainfully employed.

But I am posting, now, because I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this exciting new piece of literature. I think it’s a sequel none of us saw coming. Enjoy the story.

While I’m posting solid reading, I thought I would also share this delightful book the Project Gutenberg just uploaded on “The Early Cave-Men.” I have been trying really hard to read books not written by white male authors, and that makes pleasure reading difficult on websites that specialize in old texts.

Enjoy your books!


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