C2E2, Nexus Game Fair, and Well-Loved Movies

As I’ve said before, I’m a bad blogger. But I have been busy writing (sort of ).

In March, I reviewed my experience at C2E2 in Chicago for FemHype.

In April, I tore apart a well-loved horror movieThe Witch for Bitch Flicks, because apparently people still read what I write.

I may have failed to post when I published an essay on witches in Skyrim and Dragon Age, so here’s a link to that, too!

As of right now, I am working on moving from my current home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Chicago, but not before I attend Nexus Game Fair for a second time. Last year I published about my negative experiences there (some of them), and while I reached out to organizers this year, I’m still a little nervous. I love gaming, so I hope it’s utterly excellent.

JM out.

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