#ACoveninEssexCounty Update

My novel, A Coven in Essex County, is continuing to be published whether or not I blog about it. Monthly, my editors reminds me to looks at the edits they have carefully completed weeks previously. I usually do this the day before.

I am truly grateful to my fantastic editors. Since last blogging about it, “Birdie” and, most recently, “Delilah” was published.

Back when Coven was a short story about a nefarious tea party, Birdie was the main character. At some point, it became clear that 13 characters were a few too many for a short story. It evolved into the novella it is today.

Birdie is the only character I would call an archetypal female protagonist. (We have not been properly introduced to Cora, yet, but she is certainly a “strong” female character, another archetype.) She’s plucky, and goes through a brief evolution in the story. While her timidity makes her nickname fit well, Birdie over comes this to get closer to the Coven’s goals (she also names them)… sort of.

Delilah is a smart girl grown into a defeated woman. Plus there’s an alley sex scene.

My dad is currently the biggest fan of my novel. The other day he asked if I had seen that show “Twin Peaks”, because the tone reminded him of it. (I have seen the series twice.)



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