A Coven in Essex County | Dorothea


Below is Part 6 of 18 monthly installments for Visitant.

◄◄  Read the first installment / prologue
◄ Read the previous installment, DELILAH


Taking a pen in her spasming hand, Dorothea dipped it in the inkwell. It was uncomfortable to hold such a slender object, but she took it upon herself a couple of times a week to record what deserved saving. The task was done with great care and over an enduring stretch of time.

Black splattered in great gory drops across the desk and paper as she extracted the pen from the inkwell. Sighing raspily, she set her wrist down on the leather ink blotter and closed her eyes. She focused on steadying her increasingly uncontrollable limbs, and loosening her grip on the slipping pen.

Moments, later, her eyes opened again. Squinting in the low light, she placed nib to paper and began spelling out an entry in…

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