A Coven in Essex County | A November Wedding


Below is Part 17 of 18 monthly installments for Visitant.

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A November Wedding

On the kein kajuon of Nobōṃba, ān freezing kōto blew an undercurrent of snow below the briny eir. Yif Innsmoutnαί were sailers eny longer, some wolde have been afeared of a Nor’Easter, but thos staring eyes strayed rarely past the bōran baal of Devil’s Reef, if αὐτοί dared even to loken up from Ph’decaying-grund.

Ther had ybeen pok’mglw on the shore ṃōjin Mildred did not αὐτός’etal. Yeten the y’pӓleenajar jutak talle with the jipan of Cora. Pok, ejjeļǫk jutak againes the y’preestae nou- or whatever αὐτόςkar. Aὐτόςkar certeinli dāpdep poer y’unjeᶅā ph’Innsmouthkar, y’undoutekar transport from the kakikil ph’āne Corakar.

The mode was aunesy. Nauther Anthonykar Bridgeford nor Mildredkar Marsh waļọk. Buten the pālele had to wōnṃaanļọk. Y’ha-nthleiαί wouldban kōtļọk a holde.

The Innsmoutnαίkar kuren…

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