Celluloid City: Episode One

Photo of Vashon Jordan Jr., author of Chicago Protests: A Joyful Revolution by Philip Dembinski

For the first episode of Celluloid City, I had the great pleasure to interview Vashon Jordan, Jr, a photo journalist working in Chicago and covering a wide variety of subjects. We discussed his coverage of protests over the summer in 2020, as well as some of his background in photography.

Vashon released his book, Chicago Protests: A Joyful Revolution, earlier this year. The book is available on Amazon, here: https://www.amazon.com/Chicago-Protests-Vashon-Jordan-Jr/dp/B08L4FL9N6

You can also follow his work on Instagram.

Celluloid City is available on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Celluloid City is released twice monthly and will profile historic photographers working in Chicago through out the decades, as well as photo journalists capturing the city today.

All episodes will be released early to patrons. Sign up for early access by visiting my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jmyales

Celluloid City: Episode Zero

View of Cook County Court House and City Hall in Chicago, Illinois, July 4, 1855 by Alexander Hesler.

We embark on a new journey into Chicago’s present and past through photography with “Celluloid City.” Listen to this mini episode and teaser, now! Future episodes will feature profiles of historic Chicago photographers and interviews with people shooting the city today. We start with a brief overview of where the city came from, who was here before it, and early photography in Chicago.

Available on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

All episodes will be released early to patrons. Sign up for early access by visiting my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jmyales

Call for Submissions: AN RPG MODULE ANTHOLOGY

Nothing is more ubiquitous in Fantasy than the trusty mule we always leave with an NPC somewhere. PanopLit announces its first (of many, we hope) queer anthologies of RPG modules. The theme is Equus/Equidae, meaning we want all your gay centaurs, lost donkeys, and beautiful braided manes.

To ensure our authors have the most freedom and to protect the rights of contributors to the 5th Edition of Grunions & Rayguns, we’ve chosen to release our anthology using content provided by the Open Gaming License kindly put together by those lovely paragons of gaming,… we’ll call them Lizards of the Toast. Please understand that a lot of work went into 5th Edition, and those writers deserve their work being used in a way they contractually agreed to.

If you have questions about using the Open Gaming License, please see “Other Info” below.

The Details

Submissions are open to queer-identifying authors…

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Data! Dice! Dough!

PanopLit will be changing its data collection format… but before we do that, we want to collect as much data as possible! So we’re giving everyone the chance to win one of two $25 gift certificate to DriveThru RPG (sent via email). That’s not all! We’ll also be giving away two sets of dice. What kind of giveaway would it be without free dice thrown in the mix?

Take 5 minutes and tell us how and why your play RPGs. Here’s all the ways to win:

  • Follow PanopLit on Twitter and retweet this post. Current followers are eligible! One of our followers who retweets the linked tweet will receive a $25 gift certificate! Another will receive a free set of dice!
  • Take the May Survey (a collection of previous survey questions). Already took the previous 5 surveys posted on PanopLit? Email info@panoplit.org to be entered.
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“Game Closet” Feature

Since launching PanopLit, I’ve been working to make it come together in the way most useful to those it seeks to represent. I got to talk a little about this journey (along with museum education, queer imagery, and terminology) on the River House Games podcast “Game Closet.” I’m so grateful to have been featured, and look forward to many more conversations with many more folk.


Women in Horror and Their Twisted Dreams

I had the great pleasure of moderating the “Women in Horror” panel at this year’s Twisted Dreams Film Festival in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. It was incredibly rewarding to have a complex conversation about inclusion in the horror industry with Susan Kerns, Wendy Keeling, and Theda de Sade. Throughout the festival as a whole, I was blown away by the variety and attention to inclusion by the organizers. The films were truly a frightful treat!

The panel itself was covered by Andrew Thompson for FilmGirlFilm. Here’s a link to her analysis: https://www.filmgirlfilm.com/the-blog/2018/4/15/women-discuss-horror-at-the-milwaukee-twisted-dreams-film-festival

Photography coverage was provided by Troy Freund:


Submissions are Open!

Who We Publish

PanopLit is seeking nonbinary, bigendered, femme, queer, and women writers with experience playing tabletop roleplaying games. If you fit within the LGBTQA+ spectrum, or have a unique viewpoint on RPG culture or games, we want to hear from you!

What We Publish

Our vision for PanopLit is one that includes tabletop gamers who are often excluded from larger conversations about RPGs and tabletop history. We want current resources to make your games easier, more fun, and more diverse, and we want your stories, critiques, and suggestions to make tabletop culture more inclusive.

Reviews, Tips, and Lists

PanopLit publishes short articles (200-300 words) in list or heading format. These should be focused on current resources, innovative tips, and items of interest for Game Masters and Players.


A long term goal for PanopLit is preserving stories from gamers who may not have been recorded in previous RPG histories. We…

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December Survey is Now Live!

We’ve wrapped up the month of November, meaning it’s time to build a new RPG dataset. That data analysis will be released later in December. This month is all about online communities surrounding roleplaying games. We’ll be collecting data on current experiences and releasing information on how to make them better.

Please take a couple of minutes to answer these 6 questions on your experience with online roleplay gaming communities.

Here’s a link to the survey to share with your groups: https://josephine69.typeform.com/to/IQ7Oei

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My novel, A Coven in Essex County, completed its print run as a serialized book. It’s available to read on Visitant, with links to the chapters in an organized list on my blog here: A Coven In Essex County

Meanwhile, I’ve launched an org! I’m collecting data and oral history from tabletop gamers who identify as women, non binary, gender non conforming, and bigendered, plus anyone else who answers the survey and poll questions! Visit PanopLit to contribute your own story, add to that sweet data, or just read about Gay Futures!

I am also on the second draft of my second novel and will be releasing Coven in a new format (print and ebook!) with extended content and a footnoted version of the story it’s a sequel to- H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

Thank you for following, and stay tuned!