“Adult” Content in Gaming and Fiction

I promised myself when I started seriously pursuing a writing career that this blog would not turn into me ranting about games and gamer culture, again. But I suppose you can take the woman away from the gaming table, but you can’t… blah blah blah.Continue reading ““Adult” Content in Gaming and Fiction”

Pinterest for Worldbuilding

I’ve discovered Pinterest. It’s been a bit of a mess. I’ve actually been on Pinterest for almost six months, now, but I have finally discovered the appeal of pinning things that I like looking at. Until this point, I have been pinning reference images and maps for worldbuilding, which I will talk more about below.Continue reading “Pinterest for Worldbuilding”

Chinese Immigrants in the West

I didn’t do a post about it earlier, but my final article based on research done during my time in Park City, Utah was published a couple of weeks ago. Unexpectedly, this was the most contentious topic I wrote on during my time there. The truth is, like many other places in the Western United States, Chinese immigrants were treated very poorly in Park City.Continue reading “Chinese Immigrants in the West”

Discussing Race through Music Videos

A critique I wrote of the Rihanna video for BBHMM was published on Bitch Flicks called “Horror, White Bodies, and Feminism in ‘Bitch Better have My Money’.” That’s what it’s about: the use of white bodies and thematic elements of horror in the video. When it comes to film critique, there is a lot to talk about. I had to pare down the elements I wanted to focus on, and avoided discussing other films, directors, and art pieces the video references.Continue reading “Discussing Race through Music Videos”

Tabletop Gaming and Personal Identity

I wrote a piece of the rad website FemHype on my experience at the Nexus Game Fair outside Milwaukee at the end of June, and my experiences at conventions in general. There’s a lot more to be said about my experiences as a woman that grew up gaming and going to cons, but I don’t have the time to focus on that right now. Until then, the article will suffice in place of more in depth explorations- Gamemastering Tabletop Sexism: When Conventions Require Defense Tactics.Continue reading “Tabletop Gaming and Personal Identity”

On Women and Mining

I have just finished an internship at a history museum in the intermountain Western United States. The museum primarily deals with mining, since that is what brought many white settlers into the area. Every historical scholarship community has its accepted tropes and narratives, and this small town was no different. Naturally, the first thing I did upon arriving was dive into learning the history and tearing apart those narratives.Continue reading “On Women and Mining”

Bad at Blogging

I’m really very bad at blogging and I hate doing it. I read the blogs of other writers and am always amazed at their insight and wisdom and way with words and I wonder if I am not striving for the entirely wrong set of goals. Then I reach a milestone, like finishing the first draft of my novel, and remember that we all have to die someday, might as well suffer during our time on Earth.Continue reading “Bad at Blogging”

Poem Published on PDXX Collective

Today, May 15th, a poem I wrote was published on PDXX Collective with lovely art by Tina Bell Vance. The collective was started in Portland, Oregon, and features feminist writers from a variety of backgrounds. Posts come in a variety of forms and analyze political and women’s issues.Continue reading “Poem Published on PDXX Collective”