New Projects

I am pleased to announce that this month I have launched two new projects! The most relevant one is Architectonic Sketchbook, a blog featuring flash fiction inspired by architecture. Fiction will post every Wednesday (with a little luck), followed by an explanation of where the architectural featured in the post are from a day later. The first post is called ‘Evidence of Fire.’ I will post the fiction below, just to give you a taste of the writing exercises I am doing weekly:Continue reading “New Projects”

On the Ute and NW Shoshone in North West Utah

I wrote this article for the museum currently employing me. It’s about the groups of people moving through and living for part of the year in Park City area before white settlement. It has been published in the Park Record:Continue reading “On the Ute and NW Shoshone in North West Utah”

A Bit of a Gothic Mystery.

I have been in my new home all of 24 days, and have already discovered a mystery that needs uncovering! My little room resides inside of a large, expensive home in a subdivision populated by much the same. Nestled into the valley about four miles from the place I work, there are no streetlights here, and no sidewalks. While this neighborhood is still a city address, the city limits technically stop at a white barn just over two miles away.

The area surrounding my neighborhood is desolate-looking. Not empty, just depopulated. The structures that crop up occasionally from the landscape are always far back from the road, and most often seasonally occupied, or only used once a week, in the case of the places of worship that neighbor each other across the highway.Continue reading “A Bit of a Gothic Mystery.”

The Best Writing Advice I Have Ever Received

It’s a new year, and a great time to start expanding writing goals. As I begin new projects and revisit old ones, I have been trying to take in a lot of new information and advice on improving my writing and publishing prospects. Even with all the new help I have been getting, I still return to two pieces of advice no matter what format I am experimenting with:Continue reading “The Best Writing Advice I Have Ever Received”

Art Works now featured

I made a small amount of art that I never took very seriously while I was finishing my degree. As an Art History and Criticism major, I was required to take several units of art and design courses. I also worked as an art model for a short period. It was fulfilling and exciting work, especially since I have always seen myself as having a supporting role to the creation of art.Continue reading “Art Works now featured”

End of NaNoWriMo, Start of Something New

Congratulations to those that wrote during NaNoWriMo this year, and kudos to those that won!

This year, I did not beat NaNoWriMo. I did not finish last year, either. However, I did begin and get well into a new novel, which I am utterly smitten with. I feel successful, anyway.Continue reading “End of NaNoWriMo, Start of Something New”

New Month, New Novel

Last year, I published a sneak peak of my novel on my original personal blog, Babe in Armor. To celebrate this year’s NaNoWriMo, I have decided to republish it on this blog. This novel will be completed, just not this month! This year, I go a completely different direction: into the realm of Historical Supernatural Horror.Continue reading “New Month, New Novel”

NaNoWriMo 2014 (Obligatory 1st Post)

I’ve been sitting on an author website for some time. Since backing out of reviewing and commenting on elements of nerd culture for years, now, it’s been a somewhat daunting task to return to having an online presence. My most recent foray into blogging, the experimental Resetting the Record, is still pseudo-active, but various factors in my offline life have made regular blogging near impossible. It has been immeasurably comforting to find that whenever I return to go forward with a new project, there is still an audience and friends on the internet receptive to my point of view.Continue reading “NaNoWriMo 2014 (Obligatory 1st Post)”