Nexus Game Fair and Beyond

I published an article on FemHype about my experience at Nexus Game Fair this weekend. Unfortunately, due to a lack of response about a tentacle rape game featured at the convention, I do not think I will be returning.

It was still a time to meet great people and learn some new games, and for that I am grateful.

I am working on a long-form article on trauma in games right now, and pulled some excellent suggestions on Twitter. Working through my contacts to get game designers’ input before compiling all of the information!

Here are two self portraits I took at Lincoln Park Zoo yesterday:


Bad at Blogging

I’m really very bad at blogging and I hate doing it. I read the blogs of other writers and am always amazed at their insight and wisdom and way with words and I wonder if I am not striving for the entirely wrong set of goals. Then I reach a milestone, like finishing the first draft of my novel, and remember that we all have to die someday, might as well suffer during our time on Earth.Continue reading “Bad at Blogging”

Poem Published on PDXX Collective

Today, May 15th, a poem I wrote was published on PDXX Collective with lovely art by Tina Bell Vance. The collective was started in Portland, Oregon, and features feminist writers from a variety of backgrounds. Posts come in a variety of forms and analyze political and women’s issues.Continue reading “Poem Published on PDXX Collective”