Pinterest for Worldbuilding

I’ve discovered Pinterest. It’s been a bit of a mess. I’ve actually been on Pinterest for almost six months, now, but I have finally discovered the appeal of pinning things that I like looking at. Until this point, I have been pinning reference images and maps for worldbuilding, which I will talk more about below.Continue reading “Pinterest for Worldbuilding”

A Bit of a Gothic Mystery.

I have been in my new home all of 24 days, and have already discovered a mystery that needs uncovering! My little room resides inside of a large, expensive home in a subdivision populated by much the same. Nestled into the valley about four miles from the place I work, there are no streetlights here, and no sidewalks. While this neighborhood is still a city address, the city limits technically stop at a white barn just over two miles away.

The area surrounding my neighborhood is desolate-looking. Not empty, just depopulated. The structures that crop up occasionally from the landscape are always far back from the road, and most often seasonally occupied, or only used once a week, in the case of the places of worship that neighbor each other across the highway.Continue reading “A Bit of a Gothic Mystery.”