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Usually published under Josephine Maria Yanasak-Leszczynski or Josephine Maria.

Strictly Ballroom introduces Luhrmann with stunning, messy style“, The Spool, May 2023
The Visit was a Pennsylvania homecoming for M. Night Shyamalan“, The Spool, February 2023
Why The Square is the best horror film about art“, Dread Central, December 2022
Top of the Lake sees Campion go deep but narrow“, The Spool, April 2022
Synthetic Storytelling in The Green Knight“, Auteur, August 2021
“Giselle: The Proto-Slasher Ballet”, October 2020, We Are Horror Issue 2
Treading the Sands of David Lynch’s ‘Dune’“, September 2020, The Spool
“20 Sided Toy Soldiers”, August 2020, Knucklebone Magazine Issue 1 “Generation”
When Public Transit is Used to Control Criticism“, June 2020, Medium
This is How You Find Protests in Your City“, June 2020, The Startup
Helter Skelter is the Femme Mayhem We’ve Needed“, April 2020, Gayly Dreadful
Three Bong Joon-ho Films Currently Streaming that You Shouldn’t Miss“, April 2020, Gayly Dreadful
‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ in a Single Scene“, March 2020, Auteur
Lust and the Imaginary, or, Why We Want to Fuck Sea Monsters“, February 2020, Gayly Dreadful
I Want You To Ruin My Shot“, February 2020, Medium Photography
Picturing the Generations We Lost“, November 2019, Medium LGBTQIA
Tapping the Banshee: Ari Aster’s Keening Women“, October 2019, Auteur
‘Midsommar’ Director’s Cut Gives Us More of What We Love to Hate“, October 2019, Auteur
We’ve Sold the Definition of Food“, October 2019, Heated
‘Monos’ and the Politics of Isolation“, September 2019, Auteur
Disability and Place in ‘Give Me Liberty’“, September 2019, Auteur
Tigers Are Not Afraid’ Gives Children a Childhood Amidst Horror“, September 2019, Auteur
Vintage Video Resurrected“, September 2019, Auteur
‘Hagazussa’ Has Me Seeing Red“, September 2019, Auteur
“Injecting Queer Femme Rage into ‘Audition'”, June 2019, Gayly Dreadful
Women-Directed Films at the Asian American Showcase“, May 2017, BitchFlicks
‘What’s Next for Horror’ Panel and More at C2E2“, April 2017, BitchFlicks
Rolling the Dice: Trauma as a Play Mechanic“, August 2016, FemHype
Ctrl+Alt+Del: Trauma as a Play Mechanic”, August 2016, FemHype
Can We Live in a World Where Link’s Gender Doesn’t Matter?”, June 2016, FemHype
I Loved Nexus Game Fair, But I’m Probably Never Returning“, June 2016, FemHype
‘The Witch’ and Legitimizing Feminine Fear“, April 2016, Bitch Flicks
#C2E2 2016: Stopping By the Local Chicago Gaming Scene“, 2016, FemHype
Fatal Femininity: Witches in ‘Dragon Age’ & ‘Skyrim’“,November 2015, FemHype
A Renaissance Romance to Kill For: ‘Masques and Murder!’“, September 2015, FemHype
Horror, White Bodies, and Feminism in ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’,” July 2015, Bitch Flicks
Gamemastering Tabletop Sexism: When Conventions Require Defense Tactics,” July 2015, FemHype
“As a Woman in a Male-Dominated Space (And Punk IS a Male-Dominated Space)…”, 2014, Chipped Beef #1
Between 2009 and 2013, I contributed on a regular basis to Fempop.com as a reviewer, writer of news, and general commentator:

Table Top Games:

  • Find the Right Words, August 2019, Corazon Bundle Jam
  • “Mage School Beyond the Mirror”, November 2018, Rolled & Told #3


“Four Walls and a Curse: Candyman’s Chicago and Art in Conflict”, October 2022, Whole Damn Swarm Conference at the Center for the History of the Gothic at Sheffield University
“Polyamory in Science Fiction Societies”, Ties That Bind: Love in Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 2020, LunaPress
“Manifest Fantasy: The Facts and Shared Mythology of an Imaginary Western United States“, May 2019, GifCon2019
Way We Were: Mining the history of Park City’s early Chinese Residents,” July 2015, Park Record
The Way We Were: When Women Were Women,” June 2015, Park Record
“The Way We Were: The earlier people of Summit County,” May 2015, Park Record.
Religion as Identity: The Changing Face of Paiwan Spirituality,” 2014, Faith and Society: The Spectrum of Religion (UWM Undergraduate Religious Studies Conference)


Published under J.M. Yales.

To Eat My Ovaries“, 2015, PDXX Collective


Published under Josephine M. YaLes

Córka Rusalka” (short story), 2020, published in Decoded

Published under J.M. Yales.

A Coven in Essex County“(novel), 2016, published in serialized format on Visitant Lit

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