Table Top Games:

Find the Right Words, August 2019, Corazon Bundle Jam
“Mage School Beyond the Mirror”, November 2018, Rolled & Told #3


Published under J.M. Yales.

A Coven in Essex County“(novel), 2016, published in serialized format on Visitant Lit

Non Fiction:

Usually published under Josephine Maria Yanasak-Leszczynski or Josephine Maria.

“Injecting Queer Femme Rage into ‘Audition'”, June 2019, Gayly Dreadful
Manifest Fantasy: The Facts and Shared Mythology of an Imaginary Western United States“, May 2019, GifCon 2019
Women-Directed Films at the Asian American Showcase“, May 2017, BitchFlicks
‘What’s Next for Horror’ Panel and More at C2E2“, April 2017, BitchFlicks
Rolling the Dice: Trauma as a Play Mechanic“, August 2016, FemHype
Ctrl+Alt+Del: Trauma as a Play Mechanic”, August 2016, FemHype
Can We Live in a World Where Link’s Gender Doesn’t Matter?”, June 2016, FemHype
I Loved Nexus Game Fair, But I’m Probably Never Returning“, June 2016, FemHype
‘The Witch’ and Legitimizing Feminine Fear“, April 2016, Bitch Flicks
#C2E2 2016: Stopping By the Local Chicago Gaming Scene“, 2016, FemHype
Fatal Femininity: Witches in ‘Dragon Age’ & ‘Skyrim’“,November 2015, FemHype
A Renaissance Romance to Kill For: ‘Masques and Murder!’“, September 2015, FemHype
Horror, White Bodies, and Feminism in ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’,” July 2015, Bitch Flicks
Way We Were: Mining the history of Park City’s early Chinese Residents,” July 2015, Park Record
Gamemastering Tabletop Sexism: When Conventions Require Defense Tactics,” July 2015, FemHype
The Way We Were: When Women Were Women,” June 2015, Park Record
The Way We Were: The earlier people of Summit County,” May 2015, Park Record.
Religion as Identity: the Changing Face of Paiwan Spirituality,” 2014, Faith and Society: The Spectrum of Religion (UWM Undergraduate Religious Studies Conference)
“As a Woman in a Male-Dominated Space (And Punk IS a Male-Dominated Space)…”, 2014, Chipped Beef #1
Between 2009 and 2013, I contributed on a regular basis to as a reviewer, writer of news, and general commentator:


Published under J.M. Yales.

To Eat My Ovaries“, 2015, PDXX Collective

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